SpyHunter 4.1

Comprehensive security tool to protect your system against all rootkits

SpyHunter defines itself as an “adaptive malware removal tool”, meaning that it adapts to both the most current and the latest malware trends and to your system’s needs and specifications. This anti-malware utility performs deep and custom scans of your entire system looking for all kinds of rootkits, Trojans, and many other threats that may harm your computer.

The depth of its scanning processes, the amount of threats it can detect, the thorough information provided for each one of them, and the amount of extra services available both online and offline are really impressive. If only the trial provided were capable of truly erasing even a tiny amount of all the threats found, anyone testing SpyHunter would see it as a serious contender. Regrettably, you will need to buy a full license to be able to certify it delivers what it promises, which certainly harms the program’s credibility.

Leaving aside this serious drawback, SpyHunter’s scanning and threat detecting performance really catches your attention. While other similar tools simply count the number of threats found (in my opinion, a very suspicious practice), this program provides you with a large amount of information and with detailed explanations about what each of these threats is capable of doing to your system. System Guards – one of the various utilities provided – can detect processes with a suspicious behavior, capable of installing rootkits in your system that may open the door to Trojans and other malware.

The program’s interface is not only attractive, but it also offers a bit of everything to different types of users – automatic scans and silent protection in the background for the standard user, and more sophisticated settings and customizing tools for the savvy user. The program boasts of being constantly up to date when it comes to malware detection and to the latest malware definitions available, which is a guarantee in itself. Worms, adware, keyloggers, cookies… SpyHunter keeps its malware database always updated with the latest threats found.

All in all, this is a tool that deserves serious consideration. However, it is difficult to consider as a good option a program whose trial version does not deliver not even a sample of what the full version claims to be capable of doing. Limiting the number of the problems you can solve with the free version of a program is always a better option than not offering any solution at all unless you pay for it.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Includes Compact OS, to boot your system without accessing Windows
  • Detects an impressive amount of rootkits
  • Comes with useful protection utilities
  • Full and custom scans
  • Personal Support Agent for customized services


  • Trial version detects threats but does not remove any of them
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