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Scans your computer for malicious content and deletes it
Guest — 4 years ago
Absolutely awful. Don't put this on your computer.
Oleg Shtokolov — 4 years ago
Searches for and removes invisible malware. Removes a lot of unwanted programs. I like spy Hunter 4.
Maria — 5 years ago
Very good software and useful.
Jean Lee — 6 years ago
I tried the trial version of SpyHunter but it does not work at all. My firewall detects abnormal data traffic while this program is on my computer. Then, I download several monitor apps to figure out what the stuff is doing. It turns out to transmit data on my computer to India. Then, I tried many methods to get this garbage out of my computer. All failed. After restoring the Windows OS, everything became OK. SpyHunter (at least the trial version) is just malware! What do the Indians want to know from me?
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