SpyHunter 5.10

Scans your computer for malicious content and deletes it

Detects spyware and other threats that could harm your computer or even your personal details. After detecting the viruses like trojans it also removes them. As well it identifies rootkits, usually hard to detect for they use hidden files or folders to avoid scans.

Even though most of us have antivirus systems installed on our PCs, there are some kinds of sophisticated threats those antiviruses are simply incapable of removing. For this reason, it's always a good idea to complement them with an anti-malware tool such as SpyHunter which detects and removes rootkits, trojans, keyloggers, and other threats.

Its friendly and intuitive user interface starts an automatic system scan every time you run the program, however, this process may take a really long time (almost 1 hour on my testing box). Once you receive the scan report you can get rid of all the detected threats -or just those you select- by simply clicking on a button. Anyway, you also have a "Custom Scan" section that allows you to select the areas to be analyzed among Memory, Registry, Cookies, Files, and Rootkits. The program offers you some protection methods that are rarely found on other anti-malware tools, like the so-called "DNS Settings" and "System Guards". Also, the program automatically creates and manages disabled programs, exclusions, and backups lists.

The most dangerous and serious threats that Windows systems face nowadays are probably rootkits, as they require that the system is not running to be successfully removed. For this, SpyHunter includes its own mini-operating-system that runs temporarily while Windows is being cleaned-up. Finally, if all the mentioned methods fail to remove a specific malware, you can always resource to the program's "HelpDesk" section where you can create and send a support ticket. This, in turn, allows their technicians analyze remotely your system and create a specific fix for your, or at least that's what they promise on their website.

Unfortunately, the free trial version of SpyHunter simply analyzes your system and creates a report with the detected threats, but doesn't remove them until you buy a full license and register the program. This is always an annoying situation that shatters the program's credibility, as you cannot really tell how effective it is at cleaning your system. Therefore, unless you are willing to pay $39.99 to truly be able to test the program, I would highly recommend you to look for another anti-malware tool, as there are many ones on the market that you can really test and even use for free.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Detects and removes rootkits, trojans, keyloggers and other threats
  • Select the threats you really want to remove
  • Select the areas of your system to be analyzed
  • Offers protection methods rarely found on other anti-malware tools
  • Manages disabled programs, exclusions and backups
  • Includes a mini-operating-system to clean Windows offline
  • Creates a support ticket for customized malware removal


  • Takes really long to fully scan your system
  • Doesn't remove any malware from your system until you buy a full license
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